Corporate Services.

Our comprehensive services are designed to meet the needs of any organisation large or small.

We understand our clients are different and therefore, so are our solutions. Each solution is custom designed to suit your organisations needs, facility, ethos, values and budget.

Employer Benefits.

Ireland has seen a steady rise in stress at work over the past 10 years. As a result, employers face rising insurance premiums, reduced productivity and high rates of sickness, absence and staff turnover. A recent BBC report showed that companies offering on-site fitness programs have.

Reduced staff turnover by 30%

Increased productivity by as much as 10%.

Reduced short term sick leave by 32%.

Benefits the whole organisation, not just individuals.


Your business can take a proactive approach in order to.

Reduce absenteeism.

Reduce stress.

Reduce use of health benefits.

Reduce employee turnover.

Increase staff morale.

Increase productivity.

Increase employee loyalty.

Create a positive work environment.

Group Exercise Program.

Group exercise is still one of the most popular facets of the fitness industry. Based on our experience we have found that the most popular group programs
includes cardiovascular activities and mind/body techniques.


If you do not have a gym facility, we can easily use a large seminar

or conference room to cater for any of the exercise classes we have on


All classes can be run in 6 to 8 week courses.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga.


Yoga/Pilates Fusion.

Skinny Jeans workouts.

Bootcamp style Classes.


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